Short Film: PRE-EXISTING FREEDOM #BLM, USA, Experimental

Directed by Frederick Taylor
In the year 2020 the world took a turn for the worst or the better depending on how you look at it.

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Director Biography – Frederick Taylor


Born in the 1990’s as the brainchild of Fr3deR1cK and co-developed with Executive Producer Ellen Barnard, Tomorrow Pictures creates inspired media solutions for a perpetually evolving visual media marketplace. Tomorrow Pictures has produced projects all over the world; western and eastern Europe, East Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast asia, South America, Australia, India, South Central Los Angeles, NYC, ATL, Hollywood and Chicago. Tomorrow Pictures clients have ranged from Fortune 500 companies like The Coca-Cola Company and global agencies such as BBDO. Major non-profit organizations like Children’s Healthcare and World Bicycle Relief have benefited from Tomorrow Pictures expertise. The United States government has even called on Tomorrow Pictures to work with the State Department and PEPFAR.

Tomorrow Pictures creates quality affordable productions for film, video, event, and web. Whether the idea is streaming on a laptop or projected on a big screen, the story is in the telling for Tomorrow Pictures. In these economic times there is one choice from content and that choice is Tomorrow Pictures.

Fr3deR1cK’s first documentary was about an illegal underage club in Atlanta called, Boys And Girls. His next project was an inner city displaced rual community called Cabbagetown. His projects have led him to informal settlement villages in Nairobi Kenya to Hospitals for the poor in Lima, Peru to the coast of Constanza, Romania and the homeless streets of Atlanta. He has spent time talking with kids on the shores of Mumbai India, the streets ofsl Hollywood and South Central Los Angeles.

In Romania, Fr3deR1cK recently spent 20 days shooting the stories of a the survivors of a pediatric AIDS epidemic that appeared in 1989 and was recognized by the international community just days after the fall of communism there. Getting to know a group of these survivors and spending time with them has changed his outlook on hope, courage and what the future really means. Fr3deR1cK has interviewed pop stars, war vets and politicians but his greatest asset is interviewing regular people. The not famous, are famous in Fr3deR1cK’s world.

PEPFAR (U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief). Ambassador Sandra Thurman, former AIDS Tsar under President Bill Clinton, The Joseph W. Blount Global Health & Society Program at Emory University Rollins School Of Public Health, World Bicycle Relief (a division of SRAM), The Coca-Cola Company and has inspired and been creative director for the efforts of his team around the world in Europe, Asia and Australia. Fr3de1ck is currently developing a fund raising video for Hospital Dos de Mayo in Lima Peru.

Additionally Fr3deR1cK’s clients include almost all of the major record labels —BMG, BMG France, Rowdy Records, SONY, Motown, Capitol and Restless Records to name a few. He has shot old skool Hip Hop artists such as Doug E. Fresh, Kool Mo Dee and Spinderella. He has also shot new skool artists Akon, Russell Simmons and Bun B. among others. He has created @projects for MTV, Georgia Lottery, EarthShare, Unicef, CNN, Nike, Electronic Arts (SONY) and Durex. He has plugged into projects as a director, a cameraman, an editor or a creative director.

Director Statement

Fr3deR1cK was in third grade when his teacher Mrs. Pollack assigned a visualization project for his class. Little did he know at the time it was more of a socialization project. Fr3deR1cK was asked to draw a portrait of his family and then talk about it. After Fr3deR1cK drew his family he privately talked to Mrs. Pollack. This all seems pretty normal except to his surprise she was audio recording their private talk. Fr3deR1cK was unfazed by this unique teaching approach. Fr3deR1cK loved anything electronic and audio recording was no exception. Mrs. Pollack looked at his drawing of his family and came to a startling revelation. “Frederick, why did you not color in the faces of your family?” she said. Fr3deR1cK looked at the picture in question and she was correct, he did not color in his family’s skin tone. He had drawn his family on white paper. Fr3deR1cK’s eyes slowly met and Mrs. Pollack said directly, “Would you like to color in your family’s faces in brown?” Fr3deR1cK looked back at his picture and said, “No, it does not matter.” As an artist Fr3deR1cK strives to prove race and social status does not matter.

We are all equal, some of us just come from different environments and circumstances. The core values that bind us as humans are the framework of the truth we seek to fill our souls. Fr3deR1cK is an artist of the soul. His desire is to find the doors of humanity and open them. Fr3deR1cK looks at the surface of complex issues and inequities and knows the answer to the problem lies deeper. With the lens of a camera his focus is the book not the cover.

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