December 2021 Festival – Highlights and Videos

A showcase of the best short films from around the world today.

Festival Awards:
Best Film: Family Time
Best Cinematography: Kuna (Curse)
Best Performances: Going For Gold
Best Sound & Music: The Drop

Watch the Audience Feedback Video for each film:

FAMILY TIME, 13min., USA, Drama

Directed by Zoe Stewart

A career woman with a family wonders what she must give up to have it all.

Watch the film’s Audience Feedback Video

festival poster

KUNA (CURSE), 23min., Netherlands, Animation

Directed by Onias Landveld

Kunu means curse. In the Marroon tradition of Surinam, people believe, that you can suffer from curses because of actions of your ancestors. Those curses come in different shapes and forms. Poverty, difficult family relationships, internal and mental struggle etc. Eight poetic texts and poems, written and voiced by Onias Landveld, Spoken word artist, playwright and former Poet Laureate of the city of Tilburg, formed the guideline for six POC composers and animators, to shape a special story of human struggle and growth. A struggle because of the consequences of trans- and intergenerational transmission, the modern day effects of historic slavery, family relationships, the escape of sectarian religion, and the search for identity.

Watch the film’s Audience Feedback Video

festival poster

GOING FOR GOLD, 17min., UK, Drama

Directed by Jazz Lintott

Going for Gold is three imagined conversations based on the career of Frankie Lucas a black British Middleweight Boxer from London in the 1970’s.
The film charts his early ambitions, the fights and the obstacles of the boxing cartels and the harsh realities of racist Britain from the 1970’s – 2002.

Watch the film’s Audience Feedback Video

festival poster

THE DROP, 7min., USA, Drama

Directed by Anthony Terrell Parson, Christopher Lee Woodson

Cliff is faced with an unbearable task. For his family’s sake, will Cliff finally have the courage of letting go of the thing that he cherishes the most?

Watch the film’s Audience Feedback Video

festival poster

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Submit your Feature & Short Film and get it showcased at the FEEDBACK Film Festival in Los Angeles. Festival takes place at L.A. LIVE’s Regal Cinemas in downtown Los Angeles. Festival takes place a least once a month.

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