March 2022 Festival – Highlights and Videos

Winning Feature Film from 2022 Showcase.

BLACK DADDY THE MOVIE, 85min., USA, Musical Documentary
Directed by Damon Jamal Taylor
Black Daddy: The Movie is a utilization of my talents and decades of expertise in the creative and music industries to celebrate Black joy, pay homage to artists of color who paved the way for our own success, and curate artistic content that allows me to control the narrative of my ecosystem in Oakland, California and the world beyond.

Watch the Audience Feedback Video:

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Black Daddy is unadulterated storytelling from the black father’s point of view because it is often overlooked and the assumption is that black fathers are not involved in their children’s lives. Black Daddy: The Movie is a passion project covering a space that is near to our hearts; black fatherhood. I followed the lives of a few like-minded men as they told compelling stories of the joy, pain and the complexity of what it means to be a black father in America. The project has original music by Dame Drummer and new music in collaboration with other Oakland-based musicians Mike Blankenship, Kev Choice, Karega Bailey, and Ryan Austin to name a few.

Director Biography – Damon Jamal Taylor

With persistence and diligence Damon Jamal Taylor aka “Dame Drummer” is making his way in the music industry. His musical contributions have reached people all over the world. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and since moving to California he has toured and worked with a long list of artists including Martin Luther, Aisha Fukushima, DâM Funk, Zion-I, Kev Choice, Grammy Nominated: Los Rakas, Prince protege and Soul-Train Award winner Liv Warfield and 3x Grammy Award winner Fantastic Negrito. In 2019 Dame released his second self-produced full length album entitled “Loveolution” and in June of 2020 released “Aye Yai Yai”, his third self-produced album. Dame is gearing up for his directorial debut in his first documentary entitled “Black Daddy”, a triumphant docu-musical about black fatherhood in America. Dame Drummer’s music and storytelling journeys into the world of the people he identifies with the most: The American Descendants of Slaves.

Director Statement

“Any man can Father a child, but it takes a real man to raise one” – Damon Jamal Taylor

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