Short Film: THE DROP, 7min., USA, Drama

LIICO SOUND STUDIO Cliff is faced with an unbearable task. For his family’s sake, will Cliff finally have the courage of letting go of the thing that he cherishes the most?  Instagram

Director BIO:  Onias Landveld (KUNA (CURSE)

Onias Landveld(1985) is a writer, voice over actor, storyteller, spoken word artist and the former Poet Laureate of the city of Tilburg. In 2015 he won the Van Dale Spoken Award for Storytelling and since then he’s been teaching concerning spoken word and (corporate) Storytelling. The later he teaches at the Radboud University but also… Continue reading Director BIO:  Onias Landveld (KUNA (CURSE)

Short Film: KUNA (CURSE), 23min., Netherlands, Animation

Kunu means curse. In the Marroon tradition of Surinam, people believe, that you can suffer from curses because of actions of your ancestors. Those curses come in different shapes and forms. Poverty, difficult family relationships, internal and mental struggle etc. Eight poetic texts and poems, written and voiced by Onias Landveld, Spoken word artist, playwright… Continue reading Short Film: KUNA (CURSE), 23min., Netherlands, Animation

Short Film: GOING FOR GOLD, 17min., UK, Drama

What happens when dreams are dashed and talent squandered? Going for Gold is three imagined conversations based on the career of Frankie Lucas a black British Middleweight Boxer from London in the 1970’s. The film charts his early ambitions, the fights and the obstacles of the boxing cartels and the harsh realities of racist Britain… Continue reading Short Film: GOING FOR GOLD, 17min., UK, Drama

BLACK Festival SHORT Screenplay: Ode To A, by Rodney Greenwood

In the clasp of the lifestyle, a black rock star teeters between invincibility and vulnerability. Incapable of knowing if tomorrow brings the former or the latter. CAST LIST: Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morris LEN/OLD LEN: Shawn Devlin DR. ROOSEVELT/OLD BLACK MAN: Bill Poulin COSMO: Kyana Teresa MARTI: Hannah Ehman OTHER MAN: Andy Kamp

November 2021 Festival – Highlights and Videos

Showcase of the best SHORT FILMS in the world today. AUDIENCE AWARD WINNERS: Best Film: THE ROAD TO LIFE Best Performances: BOUNDARY Best Cinematography: FORWARD Episode 1 “Too Late” Best Sound & Music: GORGEOUS Theme of night: Life Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos: BOUNDARY, 10min., USA, Drama GORGEOUS, 7min., USA, Poem FORWARD Episode 1 “Too… Continue reading November 2021 Festival – Highlights and Videos

TV Series: FORWARD Episode 1 “Too Late”, 11min., USA, Web Series/Drama

Forward explores the emotional/psychologiocal effects of a lawyer who feels like he’s running out of time in life and can’t seem to shake his illicit affairs. In episode one, Nick finally gets caught in his lies one late night as he leaves his girlfriend/sex worker’s apartment. Nick is clearly more into her than she is… Continue reading TV Series: FORWARD Episode 1 “Too Late”, 11min., USA, Web Series/Drama