August 2021 Festival – Highlights and Videos

Showcase of the 2021 Winning Feature Film…..

TONTON MANU, 90 minutes, USA, Music Documentary
Directed by Patrick Puzenat, Thierry Dechilly

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video:

Smiling like a kid, he blows out his birthday cake candles, followed by applause. An hour and half later, he is eighty-five years old. Between these two milestone birthdays, the film directors followed in the day to day footsteps of this smiling, debonair giant; for whom the expression, “quiet strength” seems to have been coined. Composer, musician, journalist, an ambassador of the Francophone world, honoured and distinguished around the world; Manu Dibango has remained himself wherever he may find himself. To the greats of this world, he speaks without flattery, and addresses the lowly with respect, without any condescension. During these five years, from Paris to Douala, from Kinshasa to Rio, from New York to Saint Calais, a small village in La Sarthe where he spent part of his childhood, a curious, open, joyful, honest and caring Manu Dibango crossed fellow brethren.

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On arrive à poil , on repart à poil, entre les deux c’est bien de s’amuser un peu… ” Manu Dibango”